Which group policy settings are used in restricting Server 2008's Remote Apps?

We have a terminal server that we are using currently, but we have just installed a new 2008 server, with this comes the Remote apps feature. When a regular domain user uses the remote app from their desktop it works fine, however when a terminal server user tries this, it logs it off without starting the program. I am sure that it is some restriction that we have on the group policy for terminal users but i cannot find which one is making it not work. Also the terminal users can run the program if they actually fully remote into the computer and have the desktop, etc, but just cannot use the remote app feature.
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Here is a great resource with white papers on 2008 TS:

Remote applications:
Also, I know this basic, but have you done all of these, just a good double check:

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jasontomlinson1Author Commented:
Thanks that link helped
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