v$session_longops doesnot populate for long running SQL's

Hi Experts,

When we are running long running SQl's which are about 30sec this particular table does not populate entrees to monitor.But i see entrees from username 'SYS'.
Some parameters at  the system level needs to be set??
We are using Oracle9i
Thanks in advance
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sdstuberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, it "can" do that, but it's not the sql itself it's operations behind it.

For instance, if your sql has a big table or index scan in it,  the scan might be considered a longop, the sql itself is not.  If your sql has lots and lots of small operations you very likely won't see it in the longops view because no one operation is considered "long"

longops isn't for your sql statements it's for operations that the database runs.

you can populate it yourself with dbms_application_info package but not at the sql level.
vkchaitu82Author Commented:
But i see from different articles that from Oracle 8i it has been enhanced to caputre the information about long running SQL's
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