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Firefox JPG default file association messed up

Somehow my Firefox setup seems to have been corrupted so that when I try to open a jpg image, the dialogue gives me the option to open with "Adobe Photoshop CS3 (default)" but if I choose that, it actually opens the file with the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, which is the true default set in Windows XP folder options.   The behavior is actually what I want:  i.e. I want the first option to be the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.  But I want it to say the right thing, not Photoshop.  How do I change it?

When I go into FF Option/Applications, I see two entries for Photoshop:  the one that says (default) and actually triggers Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, followed by a second one that really does open Photoshop.  I want to keep the second one, because sometimes I do want to open things directly in Photoshop.  

Have attached some screenshots that hopefully will help demonstrate the problem
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Hello yessirnosir,

Your profile is corrupt. Create a new Firefox profile

Then migrate your settings to new profile

If no joy, run Firefox Standard Diagnostics

6. If no joy, back up your bookmarks.  Uninstall Firefox and delete your Firefox profile files.  Then do a clean install of Firefox.

Hope this helps!
yessirnosirAuthor Commented:
Thanks war1... I figured my profile was corrupt, but I was hoping someone could point to a specific part of the profile file or maybe a registry entry that is causing the problem, and can be fixed directly, rather than just starting over with a fresh profile.    I'd gladly hex-edit something in my profile if that's what's required, and that would be a lot more satisfying than just doing a reinstall without ever figuring out the root cause.  So I'll leave the question open for a while to see if anyone can pinpoint a more specific fix.
yessirnosirAuthor Commented:
so I tried creating a new user account on this PC, to prove the "corrupt Firefox profile" theory.  But it turned out that the fresh profile still suffered from the same problem.  

So I started to suspect something in Windows was the root cause and started digging through the registry.  I found that there was an inconsistency in HK Classes Root entries for .jpg and .jpeg files.  At some point I installed Opanda IExif, and it apparently changed the default file types for .jpg and .jpeg to IExif.Image rather than the jpegfile.  The HKCR/IExif.image key pointed to Photoshop.  But the "OpenWithProgids" key for .jpg and .jpeg still correctly pointed to jpegfile, which was associated with Windows Image and Fax Viewer.  So the net result was that the displayed program name and icon for .jpg files was Photoshop, but the open action was Windows Image and Fax Viewer.  So I switched the filetype back to jpegfile, and problem was immediately solved.  It is interesting that the problem affected Firefox, but everything looked normal in Windows Explorer, which is why I hadn't suspected a Windows problem.  

While I was at it I fixed a problem with gif files, for which Adobe Fireworks had done a similar thing, switching the default filetype from giffile to "Fireworks.gif" .    

Anyway war1, thanks for taking the time to comment... but it turns out I was asking the wrong question.

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