MOSS Measure Of Software Similarity Arguments

Hi I recently started using MOSS.  I have a little issue that I don't understand though.  When I submit multiple files, I get a report with the similarities among all the files.


However when I submit only one file I don't get any results.  It always says, two lines matched, no matches found.

I know I must be doing something wrong because I have submitted the same file in the past and I should had been recorded in the server.  This is my syntax:

perl -l (language) file1 file2

Is there an extra parameter I'm supposed to use to just compare to files stored in the server?
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ai_ja_naiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They don't keep files you submit (nor the reports), or their servers would explode in a month or two. You have to submit every time all the files you want to compare
ubuntuguyAuthor Commented:
cool... .that's what i was thinking....  thanks for verifying.
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