System Center Operations Manager 2007 data warehouse not updating

Recently discovered that the OperationsManagerDW database is not up to date. The last entry was 9/15/2008. I have not been able to determine as to how this function can be enabled or disabled. First, I would like to determine what the cause may be. Second, is there a way to manually force a sync to the OperationManagerDW database?
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randhammackAuthor Commented:
We ended up having to re-install SCOM.
the most common cause of this is that your database has reached its maximum size...
1) Check your growth settings on the Database
2) have a look at your application logs
3) From memory, a number of scheduled tasks with obvious names are used to move data into the data-warehouse... so have a look in task scheduler and run the appropriate task to force and update (its been a few months since ive looked at SCOM DW's - so apologies if im getting this confused with mom 2005)
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