Dig to verify forwarders?

Is it possible to use dig to verify that forwarders on DCs are working?

I ask because once in a while some folks can't get to the internet and I don't always want to have to log onto the DC to verify they are working.

Any way I can do this from my workstation using DIG?
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snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you got multiple forwarders you can't predict whitch one will handle the query that you forward.

Run a "dcdiag /test:dns /v" from a DC and it will test the forwarders.

Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I use nslookup for this
So from your client machine if you want to test a particular DC
> nslookup
>server <ip address>
then run your query
I know you asked about DIG and I'm sure that will get a response too.
oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can actually already pass the DNS server to use in nslookup's command line as second argument, which saves a couple of keystrokes (and can be used in a batch script for automatic testing several forwarders):
nslookup www.experts-exchange.com <DNS server IP>
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snyderkvAuthor Commented:
Ok I did the dcdiag but it says Error: "Forwarders list has invalid forwarder: xx.xx.xx.xx"

But its not an invalid forwarder. These are what we use.

Any explanation?
Do you forward to the root-hints or your ISP DNS and how many forwarders do you use?

snyderkvAuthor Commented:
We don't forward to the root hints. The IPS in the forwards are external DNS servers.
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