Terminal Services Errors: event ID 1515, 1511, 1502

Citrix PS 4.0 on Windows Server 2003 sp2
Local profiles (roaming profiles not in use)
Event log shows the above Event IDs.
The other two servers do not have this problem. No other users have this problem.
There are approximately 10 SIDs with the .bak suffix showing in the registry key
referenced in the link below

User tries to access a Citrix application and when he attempts when
connected to one of the three Citrix servers, he gets prompted for
credentials. Pass-through authentication doesn't work. His local profile has
been deleted multiple times and that works for about 24 hours and the problem

I didn't find duplicate SIDs as described here

Is there another reason this would happen?
I first thought the default profile might be corrupt. I saw
the .bak suffix when looking at the registry key referenced in the above link.

It may be I don't understand the directions in the link.
Step 1) WhoamI /User           Nothing happens
I found the SID for the user having this problem from the "additional info"
Step 3) I looked through many of the hundreds of local profile SIDs but
didn't see any duplicates to delete.

Thanks in advance for your help
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bstillionConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
In reference to Q 23979548
As mentioned in the question, I found the SID of the user having the problem and searched the registry as suggested in the article. All keys showed the same path as in the ProfileImagePath value and the user's profile was never manually moved.

It appears this is something Microsoft will need to fix.

Carl WebsterCommented:
Do you have UPHClean installed on all 3 servers?
bstillionAuthor Commented:
UPHClean is installed on all three servers.
Interesting that 2 of the servers work fine but only one has this problem.
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