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MS SQL Search all tables, all rows?

Hi I am wondering if there is a simple way to search all tables and all columns for a string of text in MS Sql Server 2005.?
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Extreme66Author Commented:
thanks, I saw that on google, I was wondering if there was any way to do this without creating more tables. I should have been more clear
No, its not that easy of a thing to do really....this is a really effective way to do it though.
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Extreme66Author Commented:
ok, thanks, I will see if I can get the privilages to do so.
the following code will do what you are looking for.  however, while this script is functional, it is not optimal.  it will consume a large amount of system resources

declare @sql varchar(8000), @tbl varchar(255), @col varchar(255), @data varchar(50)

set @data = 'string you are looking for'

declare cur_tbl cursor for
      select a.name, b.name from sysobjects a, syscolumns b, systypes c where a.id = b.id and a.type = 'U' and c.xtype = b.xtype and c.name in ( 'varchar', 'nvarchar', 'text', 'ntext' )
open cur_tbl
fetch next from cur_tbl into @tbl, @col
while @@fetch_status = 0
      set @sql = '
                        if exists (select * from [' + @tbl + '] where convert( varchar(255), [' + @col + '] ) like ''%' + @data + '%'')
                              select tbl=''' + @tbl + ''', col=''' + @col + ''', [' + @col + '], * from [' + @tbl + '] where convert( varchar(255), [' + @col + '] ) like ''%' + @data + '%''

      fetch next from cur_tbl into @tbl, @col
close cur_tbl
deallocate cur_tbl
Extreme66Author Commented:
wow, nice job, thanks

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