HOw to do a left outer join in Filemaker Pro

I have 2 tables, servers & backupjobs.  They are related together by serverid.  I want to find all servers that don't have a backupjob defined yet.  As easy as this is to find out in SQL Server, I can't seem to find it in FMP.  I tried adding the backupjobid to a server layout and doing a find there but FMP doesn't return anything.  What am I missing?
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It's important to remember that FileMaker is not a SQL-based system. FileMaker doesn't have SQL nulls, for example. FileMaker relies heavily on omitted record sets and the "go to related records" script step to do things that would be done in a very different way in a SQL system.

To find servers that do not have a backup job, go to a layout based on the servers table that also includes the ID of the backups table on the layout.

Do a find for any value in the backup field (this can be done by searching for a range that includes all possible values, or even simply by searching for "*" which indicates any values. Click the OMIT option when performing the find, or do the find, and then use the Show Omitted Only option. The result will be all servers that do not currently have a related backup record.

all you can find is servers with a backup job, and they omit the found set to work out the ones without backupjobs. a left outerjoin is not exactly that, and fm has no real equiv, but you can normally achieve similar results a different way.
Soccerman55Author Commented:
Thanks guys, that was what I was missing!
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