Users not updating in GAL

Exchange 2007 SP1 running on Windows 2003 server - All clients running Outlook 2007

New to Experts Exchange so please bare with me. We recently decommissioned our Exchange 2003 server from a co-existing setup between 2003 and 2007 while following the steps outlined in Microsoft's KB article. Since we got rid of the 2003 Exchange, we have been unable to get new users to show up in our GAL. Created a custom Address list and all users populate in this address list. OAB was an issue at first but has since been resolved and the OAB is pushing to clients now but GAL remains the same. Exchange Logs are clean and not showing any errors pertaining to GAL.  

So to summarize, both Cached Mode and Online mode cannot see new users in GAL. And of course, cannot setup the "missing" users in Outlook 2007 as I believe Outlook looks at the GAL to resolve, receive error "the name cannot be matched to a name in the address list".

Can someone point me in the right direction with this? I've been trying to solve this one for weeks.
Thank you very much for your help in advance.
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I presume 2003 was the "first exchange server in your organisation"? Did you follow Microsoft's guide to removing the first exchange server? Importantly, did you migrate the public folders to the new server?
dmorin83Author Commented:
Public folders were transferred as I can access them on the new server no problems.

Last year when I arrived at this company, they had a co-existing 5.5 - 2003 setup. I removed the 5.5 from our environment and was left with one Exchange 2003 server. We then went with a co-existing setup between Exchange 2003 and 2007 and finally decommissioned the Exchange 2003 and we're left with a single Exchange 2007 server.

Here's the KB I followed when decommissioning: 
dmorin83Author Commented:
OK to update. I enabled diagnostic logging for OALgen and I am now getting the following error:

Event ID: 9325
Source: MSExchangeSA
Category: OAL Generator
 OALGen will skip user entry 'Schedule+ Free Busy Information - Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT)' in address list '\Global Address List' because the SMTP address '' is invalid.
- CBMN Offline Address Book

I'm starting to second guess myself on whether the public folders were moved correctly, or at all. This error definitely is of concern to me.

Your help is much appreciated.
dmorin83Author Commented:
Also after running OABinteg I get the following error on one of my two GC's:

Command ran: Oabinteg.exe /s:gcname /l /t:storealtest

Failure: ADsOpenObject
ADSI Error: hr = 0x8007202b - LDAP_REFERRAL - ERROR_DS_REFERRAL: Cannot resolve referral.
Function: ValidateStoreOfflineAddressList
Line number: 54
c:\OABinteg.txt has been opened for writing.

When I run it for my other GC, it successfully completes.

Once again, your help is much appreciated.

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