PDF vs PS Printer Pagination in MS Word

We are experiencing pagination shifts when changing from printers to the adobe pdf printer.  I have included a little video (change txt to wmv) explaining my situation.  Be aware, in the video I have set the printers to print to a file so that I do not waste paper.  But the shift happens either by printing direct OR printing to file.

Here is the scenario:
We have a default PS printer (physical printer) that we have set when we compose the documents.  We then print to the physical printer with no issues.  But, when we need to print to the Adobe virtual PDF printer driver, the pagination of the whole document changes based on the virtual printer.  This really can screw up tables of contents and such.  Any thoughts on a remedy?

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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Word formats documents to suit the current printer and its driver. There is no guarantee that every printer will be able to fit the same amount of text on a page.

For this reason, there are several pagination format settings ('Widow control', 'Keep lines together' etc) that can be used on a paragraph to control how it interacts with page breaks.

If the TOC does not reflect the new page numbering, make sure that the 'Update fields' option is set on the 'Print' tab of the 'Options' dialogue.
gpchicago08Author Commented:
I guess we will just have to deal with it.
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