Pointing rdp clients to load balanced terminal servers

I've installed Session Directory and have 2 Terminal servers load balanced under it.

My question is what do I have my users type in the RDP session window to point to the load balance?

The Terminal servers names are TS1 and TS2 and if they type either of those I assume they'll bypass load balancing.

On the DC I named the "Session Directory Cluster", CORPTS cluster.

Do I need to add some DNS entries to point the "Session Directory Cluster" to an ip?

Thanks in Advance.
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1.Click Start, click All Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Network Load Balancing Manager.
2.On the menu bar, click Cluster, and then click New to open the Cluster Parameters dialog box.
3.On the Cluster Parameters dialog box, enter the network load balancing cluster IP configuration information:
IP address: NLB cluster IP address registered in DNS
Subnet mask: NLB cluster IP address subnet mask registered in DNS
Full Internet name: FQDN of NLB cluster name registered in DNS
4.Ensure Unicast is selected in Cluster operation mode (default) and click Next.
5.On the Cluster IP Addresses page, click Next.
6.On the Port Rules page, click Edit to define the ports that the NLB cluster will respond to, and configure the ports used for client to site system communication defined for the site, or click Next to allow the NLB cluster IP address to respond to all TCP/IP ports.
Ensure that the defined port rule is set to use single affinity (default).
7.On the Connect page, enter a site system host name that will be part of the NLB cluster in Host: and click Connect.
8.In Interfaces available for configuring a new cluster, select the networking interface that will be configured to respond to NLB cluster communication and click Next.
9.On the Host Parameters page, review the information displayed to ensure that the Dedicated IP configuration settings display the dedicated host IP configuration for the correct NLB cluster host, the Initial host state Default state: is Started, and click Finish.
10.Click <NLB cluster name> and ensure that the NLB host interface Status displays Converged before continuing (this step may require refreshing the NLB cluster display as the host TCP/IP configuration is being modified by NLB manager).
11.To add additional hosts to the NLB cluster, right-click <NLB cluster name>, click Add Host to Cluster, and repeat steps 7 through 10 for each site system that will be part of the NLB cluster.

Let your RDP user connect to the cluster name (or ip address).
You need to create proper DNS (A) record to point to Session Directory IP address.
Any Luck?
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