Application Log Flooded with BlackBerry Messaging Agent Warning Messages

We have 5 users set up on our BES server which also is our exchange server. 4 of 5 users are functioning normal and all items are being synchronized properly. One user works occassionally but recently I am receiving a flood of error (Warning) messages in the Application Log. The Main message I am seeing is:
 MAPIMailbox::CheckSelectedFolders - OpenEntry (0x80004005) failed
There are many other messages here also. Here is a list
Event ID      Error Message
20265             MAPIMailbox::CheckSelectedFolders - OpenEntry (0x80004005) failed
20205             AddRefIDProp() failed: ERR_FAIL, EntryId=75371

20043             CalICSAgent::Synch: Could not reload synchronization state for ###
20048             CalICSAgent:: - LoadSyncInfo Create BlackBerryHandheldInfo Folder(0x80004005) failed for ###
20048             CalICSAgent:: - SaveSyncInfo Create BlackBerryHandheldInfo Folder(0x80004005) failed for ###
20000            -UpdateStateRecord-RefID -588934498 pStateRecordMsg is NULL
20185            GetRIMMessage() failed: ERR_FAIL, EntryId=1192088
TransactionComplete() failed: ERR_FAIL
20224             MarkAppointmentAsSynchronized() failed: ERR_FAIL
20439            LoadFolderList Could not load subfolder for folderID=-1
20440            ReloadFolders LoadFolderList failed
20449            LoadFolderList Duplicate FolderID detected. Renumbered from -914 to -915
20455            MAPIMailbox::CheckUserOriginatedItem - OpenEntry (0x80004005) failed, RefId=-1820771134, MsgFolderId=-5, FolderId=0
20528             ConstructPIMFolder - Failed to open the contact folder for user (0x80004005)
20529             ConstructPIMFolder - Failed to open the task folder for user (0x80004005)
20530             ConstructPIMFolder - Failed to open the memo folder for user (0x80004005)

He is the only Domain Admin that is on the BES. The BESAdmin has Send As permission for this user. Receive As is being removed still though.
I have also tried running the outlook.exe /resetfolder command from his outlook. Actually, removed him from the BES, ran the /resetfolder command, readded him to the BES and activated his BB on the BES.
### is the %username%

System Info:

Windows Server 2003SBS
Exchange 2003
BES version
Outlook 2003 Is being used
Blackberry Bold is being used

Thanks for any help!

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I had heard previousely that you could not have Domain Admins using BES.  This was even documented in RIM's support documentation and confirmed by their tech support staff.  I did find this article that may be a possible workaround through:
Are you sure the permissions are still there?
As Domain Admins have certain permissions removed from their accounts automatically by Exchange.

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