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Hey guys
I have a Sonicwall tz190 and by mistake i did create a route that left unable to access the router using IP address with a browser I can't even ping it, but the router is working fine, I already could got in usin hyper terminal but I have no clue how to delete that route from there, some help guys.
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yuniel537Author Commented:
Problem Solved
logged in using terminal console
open wan port:
<device>\> web-management http enable WAN
delete the route created before using web interface and then close the wan port
<device>\> no web-management http enable WAN
and done, it works.

show route
no route <destination> <netmask> <gateway>
yuniel537Author Commented:
I've already try this:
no route <destination> <netmask> <gateway>
no route
and it doesn't work it said that after the "no" tha command is incorrect, and I can't boot in safe mode because there is anything wrong with the firmware it's just a route that seem to be forwarding or dropping  the packets that are supouse to go directly to the sonicwall for web management, web-management is enable in the LAN and the router is working just ok even with vpn, but if something happen there is no way for me to change any settings, thats why I really need to undo that route.
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