How to block certain msn messenger contacts?

I have a friend who is manager of a group like 30 people, low level staff, no IT related.
These people need to use an IM for communication with themselve and outside vendors, providers, etc.
But some of his employees also chat a lot. He got them an spy software installed in every computer, so he knows that.
Now, he asked me if I know a way to block, just certain contacts, the non-work related contacts.
I've already researched for software and though, there are a lot of stuff to limit messenger user,  I can't find nothing like this, to just block the user from certain contacts.

Any idea or advise is very welcome.

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agamalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not with keylooger idea ... but you can do a script on your firewall or proxy to tcpdump the traffic on MSN port and grep non-work contacts ....if a non-work contact starting a conversation then you can drop the employee connection causing him to signoff .... and so on each time he tries to open a private chat window he will be looged off.

i am not sure about the script code but it worked fine in my ex-company ...

Good Luck
iqwareinterfacesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, there is essentially no way of doing this. An MSN Messenger user has full access to their account once they have successfully logged in. Unlike AOL there is no master account that will oversea individual MSN Messenger users. I think that the spy software or a keylogger would be more than sufficient in monitoring employee chat activity on the network.
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