Exchange 2007 Account lockout with Outlook Anywhere

I've got a customer that has Exchange 2007 and uses RPC/HTTPs (outlook anywhere) to connect to his mailboxes.  The account lockout parameter is set to 5 unsuccessful attempts for logging onto the domain and that works for users logging on to the OS.  However, if a user types the wrong password in the outlook anywhere prompt even one time, the account is immediatly locked out and must be cleared in AD.  

What am I missing here?
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Try with these 2 settings if you have SP1 installed.

1. Go to Exchange Management Console -> Organization Configuration -> Client Access -> Default Active Sync Policy make sure that under Password TAB you have ony these ticked -> Require Password, Minimum Password Length of 4 and Timeout without user input before password must be re-entered = 15. Do not tick anything else and try.
Remember if making changes to this policy write down on a piece of paper what you have changed as these are the default settings

2. Also in your Exchange Management Console -> Server Configuration -> Client Access. Double click on your server name and confirm if you are using NTLM authentication for OUTLOOK ANYWHERE
Are you using ISA server to publish exchange. If yes take a look at this
Texas_BillyAuthor Commented:
Nope, no ISA in there anywhere.
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Have you got Service Pack 1 on Exchange 2007?
hi. I have the same problem, i have noticed that problem only happend when i am outside my network, when i am inside or i am in VPN network, the prompt's wrong password, appear normaly.

did you find solution for this problem?

Did anyone get a resolution to this. Im having the same problem with outlook 2007 and exchange 2007
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