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n:  I am using Crystal Reports Developer 11.5. I have two reports, A and B, that are structured mostly the same. My section layout is structured like this:
RH...PH...Details a thru Details e...PF...RF, and it takes 3 pages to display the PH and all the details for each record, therefore record #2 starts on pg.4, record#3 on pg.7, etc. I have fields in the page header that are record specific, and the problem I am having is that in report B (the problematic one) the PH on pg.4, which should be the start of record#2, still displays record#1 info. It seems the PH doesn't advance to the next record until Details a is repeated, so only on pg. 5 does the PH show record#2. And the cycle repeats, where pg.7 PH stills shows record#2, etc. I have compared all settings within the section expert between both reports and can't find a difference. What's troubling, is that the behaviour of the PH data seems to be dependent on length of the previous PF, and this is unacceptable as the report will be over 3000 pg's and needs to be rock solid in its accuracy.

So what is the 'mechanism' that determines which record is displayed in the PH? I haven't used any grouping in either report. Thanks in advance for any help.
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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Until the details for record 1 are done, you will have that problem.

One thing to try would be to group on a unique field in the record and use the new page after in the section expert on the group footer.  Suppress the group header and footer.

Another thing is to ensure all sections are as short as possible.  If there is white space after the last field in a section then that must print before the section is done.

You could also try using the NEW PAGE AFTER on Details E

damynaAuthor Commented:
mlmcc, you were correct about white space - I changed the background color on my last details section and had to play with the length of that section to see it was flowing over onto another page. I've used the New Page Before option on Details A and that will guarantee that the PH shows the the correct record, although it may cause a blank page between the records which I can live with.
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