Receiving generic error when trying to Backup my Blackberry Bold

I want to backup the data from my Blackberry for the obvious reasons.  I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 with AT&T. I am running the OEM ATT O/S ver. and am running Blackberry Desktop ver. 4.7.  I have tried backing up my Blackberry on two seperate computers with the same exact error.

I kick off the Backup process and the "Transfer in progress" window opens.  The backup goes through the bluetooth options and then a Window immediately opens that states "Unknown Error". I hit OK on the error and I am back to main menu.

Please advise.
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s54Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I tried pulling the SD card, no luck.

I went ahead and selectively backed up whatever data I needed via the advanced option in DM.

Thanks for your help.
Did you try and disable the bluetooth and then back up?
s54Author Commented:
Yes, both bluetooth and wifi are disabled.

Forgot to add, this blackberry is not on a BES.
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s54Author Commented:
Speaking of the BES, this phone used to be on a BES.  I looked in the service books and saw a bunch of old desktop references there.  I deleted all these service books and resent the service books from my BIS account.  I tried the backup again and this time, it got much furthur... about 3/4 of the way.  Now, I would get the same generic "Unknown Error" at MMS Options.  

I have deleted all my MMS and SMS messages, purged all my deleted items, tried backing up both with the SMS/MMS combined with the message folder and seperated without any luck.

Any suggestions?
Have you tried to remove the SD chip?
jderaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also once you got it off BES, did you run the Wipe Handheld from the bb?
s54Author Commented:
I will try removing the SD chip and running the backup again.  

I didn't wipe the BB when removing it from the BES.  I no longer work for the company who owned the BES and they were okay with me just deleting my account as I wanted to keep my personal data (contacts, calendar, tasks, memopad, etc) on here.

It was ultimately my mistake to think it would just be a routine backup to pull my data off the BB, so I didn't bother exporting anything out of Outlook at the time..... Now the BB is routinely crashing on me so I wanted to reload the O/S.

I am going to call it a night for now and try your suggestions tomorrow.

Thanks for your time.
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