VMWare ESXi - what driver to use on an XP Virtual Machine?

Guys, it is my first time messing with ESXi... I got it loaded on the server machine, was able to install the client, created a datapool and am now trying to make a virtual machine running XP Pro 32-bit and it's not working for me.

The issue is that XP installation cannot find a hard drive to install to. On a normal machine, this is no problem - you hit F6 at the start of setup and feed the controller driver via floppy. However, this is not working in VMWare. I tried loading the controller driver (Promise TX2000) and it threw an error. Without the driver, Windows is unable to find the hard disk (I tried both SP2 and SP3 disks). Since VMware creates a 'virtual' hard drive, I assume that it also creates a 'virtual' controller that would have its own driver. Problem is, where do I get the driver?

In other problems, one situation that I have ran into is that I can create a new VM, it boots, goes through setup, then when I cancel the setup and restart (or turn off and on) the VM, the VM no longer boots up. Sometimes I see the splashscreen, but it no longer tries to PXEBoot or do anything else. I have had to delete the VM and make a new one to try loading again... Ideas?
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abeggledConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check your SCSI Controller Settings in your XP VM via "Edit settings"
Normally this should be Buslogic for XP.
If so, leave the settings and download the following floppy-Image from VMware:
Use this Image with F6 during XP-Setup.
Tyson0317Author Commented:
OK, I think I answered the first part of this question myself - ESXi does indeed create virtual controllers, one called the BusLogic, the other LSI. Drivers for both are found here: http://www.techhead.co.uk/vmware-esx-creating-a-windows-xp-vm-and-getting-error-setup-did-not-find-any-hard-disk-drives-installed-in-your-computer

I have yet to try them, but this looks good.

Guys, how about part 2 of the question?
Tyson0317Author Commented:
Well, hell... Now that the machine loads and boots (by the way the driver worked!!) it seems to restart OK also! Good deal!
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