SBS 2003, can access OWA but my Mobile devices do not connect?

Cannot connect my Mobile devices to my Exchange server. Says Connection Failed.

i am running the following:

SBS 2003
Exchange With SSL Cert for OWA
Have 3 iPhones and 4 Windows Mobile Phone

Devices say cannot connect to server?
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vonseanAuthor Commented:
Well I figured it out, It seems that the permissions for the following was set to Anonymous:

IIS > Default Web Site

    Had Anonymous Checked, I just unchecked it and checked the following,
Intergrated Windows authentication
Dasic authentication

    Had anonymous enabled, then checked Basic authentication

Also I do have a ssl and it seems to now have caused a problem with my public folders. But thats another issue of its own.

if you  bought a certificate you have to install the certificate to your mobile phone, you can installed from the activesync at your computer.

if not uncheck the ssl connection
Yeah u need to install the certificate on the phones,

You will have to export the certificates using your browser (use copy to file) save to desktop

for the windows mobile phones connect them to active sync--> explore the device and copy the certificate to it

Then from your mobile device browse to the certificate and click or press it and it should install

The certificate must have the same domain name as the url used to browse to it or it wont work eg.

URL to access site:

hope this helps
Did you installed the cetificate?
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