Outlook 2007 Rules

I have a news leter signup for and when the cutomers enter the name and the email I will receive anemail that has something like that on the body: Name: adrian
Email: adrian@infedo.ca
*** Text Database Entry ***
"Subscriber Name","subscriber@subscriberemail.com

In the Subject I have Newsletter:subscriber name

So I want to create a rule that when I receive the email it automaticly reply with another email that has an attachement of a free report.

I try every way I know and it does not work.
I have Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007.
So I create a rule like this
With Specific words in the body "*** Text Database Entry ***" This is unique to this email
Have Server Reply using a specific message.

On that message i leave TO empty and I add the attacehment and save

Well it does not work and I cant figure it out.

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InfedoAuthor Commented:
I got it.
Need to go on Exchange Organisation Hub Transport, Send Connector Properties and Enable Maill FFW adn Mail Reply.
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