VPN without split tunneling

I have a Cisco 871W...It is one of those all in one devices, we also use it with SBS 20008...I've set up the VPN server and it works fine for accessing the networks internal websites while using the Cisco Client. And I can access other websites when I have Split Tunneling Enabled. But I would like to set it up so all traffic is forced through the VPN. When I turn split tunniling off I can still see the internal web sites but not external sites like google, yahoo etc..
Is this even possible? Where should I start looking to get this working?
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Check you NAT configuration. The VPN client subnet should be included in NAT access-list.
flyinace2Author Commented:
well, I edited the NAT as you suggested, and it WORKED! When I go to "whatismyIP.com" it shows the IP address of my office and not my home (where I am on the actually connected to the internet)...Now I have to ask...Is the internet traffic getting encrypted or is it just getting redirected to my computer w/o encryption?
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