when trying to convert a video file using Compressor on their Mac Pro, the conversion process never starts, but no error messages appear. What are the troubleshooting steps you would take?
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Hi --

Compressor is a bit sensitive to unseen problems with your installation and configuration. It's not much fun to troubleshoot, but here we go.

First, do the most obvious things to make sure your system is in good order. Repair Permissions on your startup drive from Apple's Disk Utility, and use Disk Warrior or another similar disk tool to check for problems with disk directories.

Fix your installation of FCS, if by some chance the components are not all there, or not all up to date.

Make sure that directory paths to the footage you are using are still unchanged, and don't contain any questionable characters in names. Don't send Compressor's output to any place you don't have permission to write to. If you are storing any video files outside your own Home directory, check that those locations are all available.


Then check out a couple of free utilities by Jon Chappell of Digital Rebellion.

* Compressor Repair
Fixes common problems with Compressor and Qmaster such as missing files and corrupted preference settings.

* FCS Remover
If you need to uninstall/reinstall Final Cut Studio, this tool will help you just to remove the parts that are broken instead of the whole program suite.


Apple knowledgebase troubleshooting note:

Hope that helps. Let us know how this goes...


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