How do I scan directly to another printer from a networked multifunction device?

The multifunction device works great as is.  However, I'd like to add the ability for a user to make a color copy by scanning a document directly to a separate color laser printer.  The LaserJet M1522nf allows the option to add additional destinations reachable by the device control panel, but those destinations are only to other programs, to a file, or to an email.

Is there any way to create a scan to destination to another printer?  Could this be achieved by using an executable that automatically prints whatever is sent to it?  Does anything like this exist?

Another option would be a program that monitors a folder and prints whatever is dumped into it.  I could set a destination on the scanner to scan a file to a specific directory, and then the program monitoring the directory would print this.  I just need to find that software...

Thanks in advance!
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nobusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can setup a macro for it  :
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