Remove Autodate for Outlook emails

Is it possible to remove the Autodate which gets printed at the bottom of the page (footer) when HTML format emails are printed.

I have tried removing the header and footer information from the Print Styles with in Outlook and IE but it still prints.

Where is this getting printed from ? Is there a way to suppress this if not programatically maybe through the Registry.

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unassassinableConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I found it here:

file > print > page setup > header/footer

Ah ha!  but it will not work!  This is a bug in printing HTML .msg emails in outlook.  Micro$oft knows this but does nothing...

Heres a work around...

To print Outlook messages without the header and/or footer, which includes todays date, save them as a pdf or other compatible...

1) In Outlook, select the folder in the list at left, and shift-select all of the messages that you want to print.

2) Go to File - Print and choose Adobe PDF for the printer, then under Print Style, click the button for Define Styles. Choose either style and click the Edit button.

3) Go to the folder tab for Header/Footer and delete the date from the footer. Then click OK and let it create the PDF.

4) The multi-page PDF will contain all messages that were selected, including the header and footer, which should reflect the options that you chose.
dtruong98Author Commented:
Thanks for the information.

I have already tried this before i posted this question but the date gets printed at the bottom of the PDF Page even if i remove the Header and Footer.

I believe it is not the footer but some sort of AutoDate which gets printed per page.

Is there any patch from Microsoft or no solution. Is the only alternative to let it print and then somehow remove it ?
dtruong98Author Commented:
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