RPC server unavailable

Hi experts!
I've got a real problem with one of my servers. It is a windows 2003 server.
Tonight it crashed and since then i've got some issues with it.
It didn't start up, it was stuck at "applying computer settings". I started it in safe mode and disabled all non microsoft services.

It booted up and i can login now, but there is a problem with the RPC service.
It says the service is started but when i go to the properties every option is greyed out.
I can't kill it from the commandline to, it says the service is unavailable.

The reason i want to kill it is because i get constant errors from that service.
When i try to start IIS, DNS etc. I get an error that the dependancy services are not running. When i want to look at the dependancies it says:

Win32: The RPC server is unavailable.

Any ideas???
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dkumar82Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to reboot your box again and just check you haven't disabled the dependency services related to RPC.

I found some related articals

RPC service is more pron to virus attack, make sure Virus definition is up to date.
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