Move-StorageGroupPath results in error "WMI exeption - Quota violation" Why?

On a Exchange 2007 running as a virtual mashine on ESXi, I am trying to move First Group storage databse from the C: drive to another local drive. The C: drive is 100GB and have 11GB free.
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cgreinerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I was just having the exact problem and seem to have it resolved:

1. I backed up the database using NTBACKUP to get a good purge of all the uncommitted log files
2. Quit the Exchange management console
3. run this command from the Exchange Shell: move-StorageGroupPath -Identity "Your Storage Group" -LogFolderPath "E:\where you want your logs" -SystemFolderPath "E:\where you want your system path"
4. and make sure there's no file level quotas on the drive of course.

Have you got file level quotas enabled on that drive?

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