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Linux simulator online

I use a great site to simulate SQL commands and test them out without having to install anything. I was wondering is there anything out there that can simulate a RHEL4-5 install on my windows machine at home so i can open a terminal, run commands and do everything i would be able to do if i was on a actual Linux box? Im getting tired of having to fire up the install i have on VMWare so i was looking for an alternative.


Also, if it helps anyone out, i use the site http://sqlcourse.com/intro.html.
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I think, more reliable is to use any virtual machine (f.e. free Sun VirtualBox http://www.virtualbox.org/ or free VMWare Server commercial VMware Workstation - http://vmware.com/) on your local system and install into it any version of Linux you want.  The Fedora Linux is very similar to RedHat Enterprise server, the most difference is  commercial support for RHEL and some additional programs/packets  included in commecial distributive, alos some kind of network/server management software.
If you don't want to test this extended set of software, You can use Fedora.
Maciej SsysadminCommented:
Some alternative to vmware can be VirtualBox (free), but it's still virtual machine which has to be run.
You may also want to try cygwin (http://www.cygwin.com/) to run some *nix command on your windows. Check also GnuWin (http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/) and UnxUtils (http://unxutils.sourceforge.net/) but I would rather stay with your vmware virtual machine (or virtualbox).
Unfortunately, I don't know any website, which provides such virtual terminal.
There are two Linux distributions I know of that were designed to run under Windows:
1. Linux4Windows: http://www.linux4windows.com/tutorials-home.html
(= Damn Small Linux running in Qemu)
2. TopologiLinux: http://www.topologilinux.com/

But they may not suit your needs.

Then there is Cygwin, which oklit already mentioned. It may suit your needs a lot more, taking into consideration it is Red-Hat based. Also, you don't have to fire up a complete Linux environment, you just open a terminal that looks like the Windows command prompt and is equally fast. But you will have to manually select all the packages you think you might need, and even then, you still will not be able to do "everything you would be able to do if you were on a actual Linux box" - because this simply isn't Linux, and Cygwin must make allowances for the differences between Windows and Linux.
I've had Cygwin installed on all of my Windows boxes for the past 8 or 9 years, but I generally find it a lot more practical to fire up a fast loading VirtualBox machine (maybe one without a GUI installed) when I want to do something "the Linux way".

Hence, I, too, should say there is ultimately no real alternative to a VM manager like VMWare or VirtualBox.
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linuxpigAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys, ill check all these out and see if they fit what im looking to do.
linuxpigAuthor Commented:
OK, I've downloaded and started using virtual box, and its great. It doesn't bog down my server like vmware. But one thing i was wondering with vmware you can create a virtual machine for testing and then move it from server to server. Can you do the same with virtual box? I read through the docs and didn't see where you could.

Yes/ the moving of Vms is the leak of freeawre VirtualBox.
It is possible, but requires some magic spell like this: http://virtualbox.wordpress.com/2008/11/15/registerimage-104-is-here/
linuxpigAuthor Commented:
Thanks Serg, ill check it out
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