Is there a way to move 400+ messages in Outlook at one-time easily?

There is one user who has 20,000 messages in their Inbox (poor management over time + no training on archiving). She wants to move about 18,000 of those messages to different folders but Outlook (2003 or 2007) only allows about 250 messages to be moved at one time.

Is there a quick and/or effective way to do this?
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MrLonandBConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would create another folder and move the 2,000 or so that she wants keep...into that folder. Then run the export in Outlook and export that folder to a .pst.

Then, in Outlook, right-click her Inbox and go to properties. Setup an archive that will archive all mail that is older than "1 day". (Assuming that the total size of all the mail does not exceed 20gb.) Accept the default path for the archive and then choose to "apply these settings to all folders now". She should then only have message in the Inbox that are less than a day old. You can then import that .pst that you created earlier back into her Inbox.

Her mailbox size will now be down to where you need it to be and she can then move mail from the archive folder to the various folders she wants to move them her convenience.

Patrick MatthewsCommented:
RTM2007 said:
>>Is there a quick and/or effective way to do this?

If you can define criteria by which messages get placed into appropriate final destinations, the process can
be automated via VBA code...
In my suggestion above, disregard the "apply these settings to all folders now". That is if you needed to archive all your folders. Sorry.
If there's something common in those 18,000 emails, you can create Rules in Outlook, to move the emails automatically....and yes it would take sometime, so create rules to move emails to a different folder/pst & then go grab a cup of coffee ;)
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