How to save the sfform widget textbox field with special format?

I am using sfguardplugin for authentication. And my user profile is stored in Account table.

I am using symfony 1.2 sfform. I need to save the username in sf_guard_user table with a special format: <user account ID><1st digit selected by user><2nd digit selected by user>.

For eg, i logon as AAA, then i will need to be able to create new user with AAA01, for eg.

In the Account form, the username is rendered as a text box widget automatically, which we can enter any text for the username.

How can i save the username as <user account ID><1st digit selected by user><2nd digit selected by user>? The <user account ID> is defaulted by the system, non-editable.

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littletortoiseConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi Vee Mod
I found the solution for this problem. May i know how can i close this question? Everytime i always tried to delete the qn which i don;t think is the right way.

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