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Hello experts.
I have a bunch of html files on my local machine that I want to view in IE7.  Using XP Pro SP3 fully updated.  Intel P-IV - plenty of disk.  There was an expert answer to a similar question but my circumstances are a bit different.
The .html extension IS showing in Explorer.  The icon assoc with the .html file appears to show "IE7" (large blue "E") as the app to use.  IE7 does open web pages out on the web.  I am running a development environment here for WordPress (using Apache 2.2) which displays the WordPress HTML files - works fine.  I've tried calling the .html files with Apache suspended and disabled.  Same problem - which is:..  
However, if I call a file out of Windows Explorer:  say, index.html I expect to see the webpage but what I get is an IE instance with the source code in index.html displayed.  I have a ton of other .html-s (manual.html, errors.html, install.html, updates.html, changelog.html, etc. etc) that also exhibit the same behavior.  I've dropped all the security zone sliders/toggles to "off" in IE - no help.
I know there's something I'm missing.  Whatzit????

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whftherbAuthor Commented:
...And the answer is:  These are special .html files intended and designed to work with the Apache server.  You can't "view" them as such without setting up the Apache server to play them.  They do work just fine once the server is configured.

With this was covered somewhere in the opening docs.  

Please tell us what HTML editor you are using and how yo go about saving the .html files.
whftherbAuthor Commented:
These were not editted nor authored by me.  These are the documentation files for Apache 2.2 and they come inside the Apache downlod package as part of the documentation.  I was hoping to be able to set these up to read through them for instructions on Apache setup, operations and so forth.  I don't want/need to modify them - just read them on my local machine.  I think I might have to go back to the Apache website and ask them there as to how they intend these to be used.  I thought maybe I had some sort of broader IE problem.
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