Cannot log into citrix desktop after Isp change

WE  switched our ISP provider and have newexternal IP address. Our new ISP has our new DNS information. We cannot log into our Citrix desktop. We get the error that the Citrix server is not at this address. We can receive e-mail, but cannot sent ou e-mail.
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Carl WebsterCommented:
At the Citrix server, go to a command prompt and type in ALTADDR and press enter.  Is the external IP listed your new or old?  If old then you have to delete the old and enter the new.

Example.  If your internal IP of your Citrix server is and your old external IP is and your new external IP is, then enter:

altaddr /delete
altaddr /server:CitrixServerName /Set:
Manzoor_AAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the response. I believe we didn't write the question clearly. here are the details:

We're using Citrix Metaframe server 4.0 which is installed on one server. The web interface is installed on another. user's access a web site (which has an external ip address), this address is Translated through our firewall to connect to the web interface server which establishes a secure connection for users and then starts the desktop (we've published the desktop) application.
NOW, the ip has been changed for the web address, we can access the web interface server and log in normally. But when we click "desktop" (our published app), it says There is no citrix server configured for the address you entered!!!

both servers are behind a firewall, NAT is used to access them, and they've been working fine till we changed our external ip addresses. Nothing has changed internally.
Please help, thanks.
Carl WebsterCommented:
Have you checked your Secure Client Access settings, or whatever it is called in 4.0?
Carl WebsterCommented:
OK, powerd up my dusty 4.0 lab.

Go to MetaFrame Presentation Server Administration console
Click you web interface site
In the middle column, click Manage secure client access
click Display settings

what is checked marked?
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