What happens when you close the lid

Hello, I notice an option missing and is very important which is:
what happens when i close the lid, by default mac goes to sleep
but there is no option to change it like in Vista or XP.
Can anyone tell me how to change the default action?

Thank you
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If you have an external keyboard, mouse and monitor attached and close the lid, the Mac will go into clamshell mode, ie it will stay on. If you wish to force this action, as I sometimes do if I am streaming iTunes but want the lid shut, or web serving, you can use a tool called insomnia that will allow you to keep your laptop running when the lid is closed.


I am not sure if this is what you want to achieve but hope it helps
I don't think there is a way to disable that.  Not sure that it isn't a safety feature since I think some of the heat from inside the case radiates through the keyboard.  Here is a URL that talks about a way to work with the Mac even when the lid is closed.  I don't have a MB or MBP so can't speak to it's usefulness.

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