How would I setup my virtual lab network settings in vmware?

The lab consists of 2 host machines (soon to be 3). One with a 2003 vm session and an xp session. The other host just has one xp session.

I would like to accommodate the following...

1. The 2003 session to be DC for the 2 hosts and the 2 xp sessions and all talking.
2. Another option to have just the one host being able to talk w/both OS's that reside it and not the 2nd host.
3. The host with both OS's to be able to communicate with the 2 sessions that reside on it and have internet access.

The current setup just allows each of the hosts and the residing sessions on each to connect to the internet (NAT).

Should I disable VMwares DHCP? Should I disable/enable the 2003 DHCP?

Please give me a detailed breakdown of how these network settings work within vmware.

Thank you
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squifyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are on an ESX server then you can create a VSwitch that does not have a physical network card attached to it. This is your internal only network. You can create a VM that has two network cards and have one connected to the internal network and another connected to the main VSwitch that has a physical network card attached.

If it is VMware workstation or server then you can create a virtual network card and set that to "Host Only" that way it will not have outside access. It is a little hard to be specific without knowing what VMware environment you have but hopefully the above makes sense to you.
65tdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Which version of Vmware?
geewizzzAuthor Commented:
Found more detailed info from another source on various configurations of VM network adapters
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