Some Internet sites do not display

Windows 2000 SP4 domain with DNS redirected to ISP DNS.
5 PCs with DNS pointing to  Windows 2000 DNS

Very strangely from all the PC and the Server of my network there are some internet address that do not work (for example and do not work) whereas most internet addesss (as and are OK and do work
I understand it is a DNS problem  (for example I can ping the IP addess of Sophos but I cannot ping so I know that I am not resolving IP adress for and that is the reason I cannot access ther site

How come it work Ok with some sites and do not work with other sites ?
I know it is a DNS problem but I do not know how to solve it. Any idea ?
Thank you

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ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have seen recent problems like this, lately. It appears comcast might be struggling with some DNS servers.

Can you go into the DNS snaping, right click your server, select properties, and navigate to the forwarders tab.Tell us what the list of DNS forwarders you have for your domain. If in the 68... or 69... IP range it is most likely a problem with one of Comcast's DNS forwarders and not your domain.

For the time being, you might be able to disable recursive lookups and therefore default to Root Hints servers for the domain. That should bypass the problem child outside DNS server that is not replying to queries.
For starters, check with your ISP and make sure they didn't update their DNS addresses. You should be able to obtain that info from their website.


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