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Hello! I have a macbook air 1.1 and I am wondering how can I add a new mail account, at mac mail. There is no mail > preferences option on the client. Anyone can help?
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Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
1. Ensure Apple Mail is open and running.  The icon in the dock should have a small blue glowing dot beneath the Postage Stamp Apple Mail icon.
2. When Apple Mail is active, the menu at the top of the screen will show the word MAIL beside the apple icon (see image attached)
3. Clicking on the Mail menu item will reveal the Preferences.

If the Mail Menu does not show the Preferences option but show the other settings including Quit .. can you take a screenshot and attach it to this posting to show us.

To take a screenshot .. hold the mouse button down on the Mail menu so that it appears .. then with your other hand ... hold the CMD + SHIFT keys down .. and while keeping them pressed hit the number 3 (CMD+SHIFT+3 = screenshot) .. this will save a screen snapshot to your desktop.

Have you tried the shortcut: Command+, ?

Strange that there would be no preferences option in the Mail menu. Are you sure you have Mail as the selected application?
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