SQL Cluster Went Down "Cluster network name resource " can be brought online

Good Day

I did failover yesterday for our SQL 2005 server cluster hosted on 2008 64-bit and I got the below error:
Cluster network name resource 'SQL Network Name (RUH-003-SQL-01)' cannot be brought online. The computer object associated with the resource could not be updated in domain 'prod.mobily.lan' for the following reason:
Unable to find computer account on DC where it was created.

The text for the associated error code is: There is no such object on the server.

The cluster identity 'RUH-003-CL-001$' may lack permissions required to update the object. Please work with your domain administrator to ensure that the cluster identity can update computer objects in the domain."

I opened a case with Microsoft and they resotred the object but stiil the same event is coming
Our Production SQL is down now. pleaaaaaaaase help

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MOSS_LoverConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
This is how Microsoft solved:

1)      Run ldp from run or go to tools folder: C:\Program Files\SupportTools
2)      Connection à Connect à DNS Host Name à Bind à username & password & domain
3)      View à Tree
4)      Options à Controls à Object Identifier = 1.2.840.113556.1.4.417 à Check In à OK
5)      Double click DC=prod,DC=bb,DC=lan 2 times
6)      Double click CN=Deleted Objects,DC=prod,DC=bb,DC=lan
7)      Ctrl +N
8)      Double click the deleted object à right click à modify
9)      Insert isDeleted to the attribute filed à chose delete choice à click enter
10)       Insert distinguishedName to the attribute filed à
11)       On the ritght pain look for lastKnownParent:  and copy the text after is. E.g: OU=All Users,DC=prod,DC=bb,DC=lan
12)       On Modify Box Valu add DN name. e.g CN=Abdalla O. Omer + , + what you copied from step 10. so you will set: CN=Abdalla O. Omer,OU=All Users,DC=prod,DC=bb,DC=lan
13)       chose Replace choice à click enter
14)       Check Synchounce & Extended checkboxes
15)       Click Run

then we repaird AD network cluster
Eugene ZCommented:
did you do any changes in your DSN\AD?

Any changes on your cluster server?
what "object " MS restored?


Cluster network name may not come online with Event ID 1052

continue read:

Description of the properties of the cluster Network Name resource in Windows Server 2003

Active Directory access rights for creating a computer object
How to troubleshoot the Cluster service account when it modifies computer objects

Eugene ZCommented:

did they say what could be  a reason of the problem?
and how did you ' repaird AD network cluster"?

looks like the record was deleted  from DNS\AD...

I'm having the same error here, but sincerily It`s not clear what has been done on this solution. What was wrong?

It's the same case of mine, but it`s not clear.

MOSS_Lover, could you put here the description of Microsoft about the problem?

Thank you.
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