What is lofs file system in Solaris 10 ?

This is what I am getting in /etc/vfstab, but can't we just create a symbolic link directory and that would serve the same purpose ?
What extra benefits are we getting here using lofs ? I got this entry in my vfstab file after configuring PXE server..

bash-3.00# grep lofs /etc/vfstab
/cdrom/sol_10_1008_x86/boot - /tftpboot/I86PC.Solaris_10-1 lofs - yes ro
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Brian UtterbackPrinciple Software EngineerCommented:
There are few advantages to using lofs over a symbolic link. One is that it doesn't look like a
symbolic link. Many programs are designed to not follow symbolic links. Another advantage is that you can change the target without changing the source. Suppose /tftpboot were a read-only file system, but you needed to change so a different CDROM with a different path.

But in this case, the real reason is the first. Because tftpd uses a non-authorizing protocol, as
a security measure it is forbidden from following symbolic links, lest the entire system be
readable by anyone.  
beer9Author Commented:
Thank you blu! :)
beer9Author Commented:
Thanks a lot blu! :)
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