Why .Vob file is not opening in Adobe After effects.

Hi experts,

         I want to open .Vob video file in the after effects, but it is not opening in the  aftereffects. Is thgeir any plug ins for  playing this in after effects.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi inampudi1,  encrypted vobs are not supported video format for Adobe  since they have not been decrypted
You have several choices
 change the vob name to mpg then import
use this
 convert the main vob to mpeg
Take the main Video_ts  that has the complete film and drop it on Super put the output container to mpeg1 or 2  and hit encode, if you r/click the Super interface you'll see a list of options check the location to where it will save it to.
 it will take a considerale time at least 2 hours
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