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import ms crm 4 organization from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008

I have a production environment with CRM 4, SQL 2005.  I would like to redeploy it to a test system of CRM4, SQL 2008.  Is it required that the production environment be upgraded to SQL 2008 prior to use import organization to move the organization to the new SQL 2008 crm 4 system?

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If I understand your question correctly, it sounds as if you have a production deployment of Microsoft CRM with a SQL Server 2005 backend.  It also sounds as if you want to setup a test deployment with a SQL Server 2008 backend.  Lastly, it sounds as if you want to migrate the data from your production deployment to the test deployment.

What you are trying to do is similar to moving your deployment to a new set of servers (the difference being that you are going to continue keeping your current version in production when you create the copy).  Here is a helpful article on this topic: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Database/Software/CRM/Q_24144644.html?cid=295

We recently used this approach to migrate a customer from SQL 2005 (32 bit) to SQL 2008 (64 bit) and it worked.  It is a non-trivial task.  You should consult the atove KB article as well as the CRM implementation guide before moving forward - and have a good fallback strategy in place in case anything goes wrong (in your case, the chances of a big problem are minimal as you are not truly migrating an old server - just setting up a new one).

Implementation guide: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1ceb5e01-de9f-48c0-8ce2-51633ebf4714&DisplayLang=en

Another useful KB article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/957053

Although the KB articles are not specific, what you are trying to do with your new server is to migrate your data while also performing an upgrade to sql 2008.  The most direct way to do this would be to first replicate your current setup, and then perform the upgrade to sql 2008.  So my recommendation woudl be to copy your current environment (including SQL Server 2005) and then upgrade the 2005 server to 2008.  Otherwise you'll have to try to "copy" your data from 2005 to 2008 - which could be a time consuming and problematic process.
miranda74Author Commented:

Thanks a lot for your reply. You understand my problem very well. The thing is that we didn't upgrade the 2005 server to 2008. we backup the database of 2005 and restore it on 2008 server. it works. and we continue with the redepoyment procedure. everything seems fine. but after we map the users. The procedure seems too too too slow. it simply couldn't finish. I want to know why. Could it because we didn't upgrade the 2005 sql server to 2008? or because our database is too big (20gb), or because we have too many users (150 users), or because we deploy the new server to another domain? could it be faster if we deploy it in the same domain?

What do you think? I really need to know.
Thanks a lot!
I wish I could give you a certain answer - but I can only guess at this point, having never experienced quite the same scenario.

FIrstly, if you are working with a certified Microsoft CRM partner, they can work directly with you to resolve this issue.  Secondly, you may want to log a trouble ticket directly with Microsoft on this issue.  With 150 users and a database of this size, you almost certainly have a maintenance agreement with Microsoft that entitles you to a certain number of free support issues.  Expect their first tier people to ask you to verify everything that you have already done - request to be escalated to at least a second tier (and preferably third tier) support person.  These are the people who are familiar with these issues that involve multiple technologies (SQL, AD, CRM, etc) and can guide you through the process.  

If neither of the above is an appropriate course of action, then here are my suggestions:

(1) I do not think the performance problem is due to too many users or the DB size - I suspect that something has "timed out" during the process or, perhaps, it is taking a very long time due to an underlying connectivity issue.  

(2) Re-attempt to create the DEV environment by creating an exact mirror of your current environment, the only difference being the domain.  See if you can get it working prior to attempting the 2008 upgrade.  If you get it working, check to see if you can then migrate the database over with this configuration.  

(3) If that does not work, then try to get CRM working on the same domain.  It should work on the same domain (we've done this multiple times before - though never importing 2005 SQL data directly to 2008).

This looks like it may have some promising info too (for some reason I can't bring this site up on my PC at the moment):

miranda74Author Commented:
Hi! Thanks a lot!

I will try these.


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