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Vista Ultimate Startup Issue

Hi guys. I am getting frustrated with this startup issue. See details below

A few days back i tried starting up my Laptop and just before it got to the welcome screen, it froze. I then restarted again and it did the same thing. I then restarted in safe mode and it let me in. I then did a system restore to a previous point. It completed the system restore successfully but when i restarted, it did the same thing. Loads windows as normal but just before it displays the Welcome screen it just remains on a black screen. I then tried to restart in safe mode again but this time it did not let me.

I got hold of my Vista Ultimate DVD and tried a start up repair. It said windows could not fix the errors automatically. I then did a memory scan which did not find any errors but when i restarted after the memory scan, it let me in as it would normally. I then though it was just a mem issue. The next time i restarted my laptop it did the same thing again. After a further restart i was able to get into safe mode. I then went through the whole process above and it let me in again. This time i did a memory scan, spybot scan and scan disk and i did not find any errors. Shortly after, i did a restart again and the same issue occured.
I then did a format of my whole drive and did a fresh install of Windows vista. The installation was successfull and i was able to get into windows. I then installed all my drivers and did a windows update. this worked fine until i had to restart my laptop. Guess what the same thing happend again.
I am now in safe mode and i don't know what to do. I checked the event viewer and the captured the error i found in the attached picture. It says "The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:
And this is the same error i saw in the event logs when i first experienced this issue.
I am stuck and i dont know what else to do. Please see my Laptop specs below

Sony Vaio FZ21Z
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor t7500, 2.20Ghz
Memory: 2GB/Go DDR2 SDRAM
HHD: 300GB
WLAN: 802.11a/b/g/n
Graphics: Nvidia Geoforce 8600M GS GPU
OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit

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2 Solutions
oagunbiadeAuthor Commented:
Btw, i have done a lot of research on this issue and no one seems to have an answer thats why i put it up here. Most people seem to think its a Chipset issue
Use msconfig or autoruns ( http://live.sysinternals.com/tools/autoruns.exe ) to turn off as much non-MS stuff as you can.  Then see if it boots and remains stable.

Any BIOS updates for your laptop?  Any chipset driver updates - check the chipset manufacturer's site rather than Sony's.

It looks as though some people have even recommended sticking with the MS-supplied drivers (esp SATA controller) rather than installing any 3rd party chipset drivers at all.  If you can do a reinstall again, this might be a useful thing to try - for troubleshooting if nothing else.  You might be able to switch the SATA drivers from what they currently are by telling it to show all compatible ones but back everything up first in case things go even more pear-shaped.

I see someone reports having a similar problem fixed by disabling Native Command Queueing on their NForce SATA controllers in Device Manager.

Good luck!
oagunbiadeAuthor Commented:
Hi cantoris

Thanks for your reply. I have tried troubleshooting through msconfig but when i turn all non microsoft services off, i still expericence the same issue.

How do i disable Native Command Queueing? I have had a look at device manager and cant find the option to disable it.

oagunbiadeAuthor Commented:
Ive given up. Since i have not gotten any reply i have sent the laptop in for repairs.
oagunbiadeAuthor Commented:
The laptop has been fixed. It was a graphics card issue. A reflow of the GPU was done to fix the issue
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