How does PeopleSoft and Retek applications integrate into Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-  Business Suite consists of Oracle Financials, Oracle HRMS, and Oracle CRM.
The underlying technologies that they use are:
Oracle Designer
Oracle Forms
Oracle Reports
Oracle Discoverer
Oracle Software Configuration Manager
Oracle Business Intelligence Beans
Oracle JDeveloper

However, PeopleSoft have their own technology platform called PeopleCode.
PeopleCode is an (ool) object-oriented proprietary (case-insensitive) language used to express business logic for PeopleSoft applications.

Retek also must have it's own technology stack different from Oracle's Pl/Sql, Forms, Reports, Oracle Database.

How does Oracle plan to combine all these different technologies into it's own technology: Oracle Pl/Sql, Oracle Database etc. So that Oracle practitioners can work on one technology stack and build applications on PeopelSoft, Retek and Oracle E- Business Suite.
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abd00nConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To some big extent YES.  But in general if we looked to he softwares/applications' life cycle, it is moving.  I don't have information about PeopleSoft, but I am assuming that PeopleSoft itself is updating from time to time their tools, and PeopleCode is not the begin and will not be the end for them.  Oracle was recently moved to java and now totally going to adopt html or xml instead of using oracle forms or reports developer.  In addition, Oracle when acquiring an application will acquire the good features of that apps and finally will convert it in %100 compatible Oracle product.

Up to my knowledgw, the magic of this called Oracle Fusion Middleware.  This FUSION technology is designed to establish a layer of technology that adapt the technologies of Oracle with the those of the acquired applications like PeopleSoft and others.  It is not clear for me to the depth, but at least in some levels (layers) I have got some SIMPLE information.  I prefer to refer you to some links that may answer to some extents your doubts:

gram77Author Commented:
Does this mean that peoplesoft guys will need to learn JDeveloper and Java all over again and PeopleCode is history?
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