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My accountant has a Windows SBS 2003 R2 server with Quickbooks Database running QB17, QB18, QB19 in Services. On all (8) workstations they are running Quickbooks 2002 thru 2009
Do I need all of the QB DB running or can I uninstall two of the three running or are the DB version specific?
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Roy WeilownerCommented:
Found the below comment on http://www.qodbc.com/qodbc.htm which is an application the that supplies an ODBC driver for reading and writing QuickBooks  2009-2002 accounting data files by using standard SQL queries

based on the comment below, it appears that Quickbooks has changed field names between various versions, so I am guessing that the answer is that you will need all those servers.

The obvious thing to try is: during some off hours kill the services and see if the various versions still run.

With only 8 workstations, I am guessing the server is not overloaded, and the multiple services are not a production/response time issue.

Just a suggestion: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Unified Naming Support
Field names between different versions of QuickBooks across all different regions has been optimized in QODBC 9.0 so you can use common names across all versions and flavors of QuickBooks.

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I am not sure it matters, try disabling one of the services and see if you can still access the data file for that year.

warsawtechConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info. I did disable the QB17 and QB18 and left the QB19 running and they haven't seemed to have any problem opening all versions of QB. I asked this question because of issues with server being slow and unresponsive as the day progresses. I wanted to eliminate this as a possible issue before proceeding on to other areas.\ to look for problems Such as Drake Software. Going to open a new thread elsewhere.

Thanks for the input
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