Browsing Cubes on a Remote SSIS

1- Server:
SSIS runs runs on a remote (production) machine that is part of a workgroup (no domain). SQL Server 2005 Enterprise (with SP2)

2- Client:
Users also use Excel (or desktop-based cube browsers like NovaView by Panorama) to connect to remote SSIS using Integrated Security i.e. logging in with same local username/password that is running SSIS on remote machine.
Since SSIS runs in a workgroup, any local user with same login and password authenticates itself on SSIS server.

The problem is with password synchronization. On the production machine, passwords are changed regularly for security reasons and this breaks the connection of Excel/Desktop-based cube browsers. SSIS does not allow SQL Authentication for such applications.

I was thinking of a solution whereby all cube browser requests go through a single gateway application and that application authenticates itself against SSIS (similar to what IIS does for web clients). But I don't know how to go about it, any custom solutions available? Anybody here have any idea?
aatif786Cloud Infrastructure ArchitectAsked:
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PedroCGDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I can send you a book...
And in my blog I have a link to a SQL Server 2008 book.
I suggest you to read a book about BI tools.
Your questions is related with SSAS and not SSIS.
Re-think in your question and return with more feedback.
aatif786Cloud Infrastructure ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Sorry about that. Yes I actually meant SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services). I will re-assign it to appropriate group.
aatif786Cloud Infrastructure ArchitectAuthor Commented:
Question posted with wrong wordings (SSIS instead of SSAS) that basically confused the readers (experts)
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