Problem with DVD Drive Writes but does not Read

I had to replace by DVD burner and all has not been a success.  It writes both CD's and DVD but it will not play them back.  When i ran a Nero speed test on the drive I got the Message;

     Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (Ultra-DMa/32)(040803)

The Drive shows as a TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-s222a SA00
I am running XP SP3 and the Nero 7.

The DVD is configured as the master with the CD drive as the slave.

The DVD has DMA On and the CD has DMA off?

It is an IDE drive.

Any ideas



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try another CD drive, or cable to read the cd's (or on another PC) to be sure they were written ok.
if they are not able to be read back, you may have a faulty drive, or cable.
you can also try this :      
What were you writing? Audio, Video, Data?
Did you remember to Finalize the Session or Disk?
Try to boot from this DVD drive to check if it reads data - In you can boot then there is probably some error in your Windows XP setup try to uninstall the IDE channel (i guess it's the secondary channel) and the DVD driver reboot your machine and check again !

In case you can not boot from your drive then 99,99% it has an isue with the head reading mechanism !
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