wmv file doesn't display

i downloaded the file, Robotica_720.wmv from

when i try to play it in Windows Media Player Version 11.0.5721.5230 ,the
sound plays but there is no picture. this also happens with some .mpg files
that used to play properly.

this started after this patch tuesday when i installed :

Windows XP Update Rollup for ActiveX Killbits for Windows XP (KB960715)

Windows XP Silicon Image - Storage - Silicon Image SiI 3114 SoftRaid 5

Windows XP Silicon Image - Storage - Silicon Image's Pseudo Processor Device

Windows XP Group Policy Preference Client Side Extensions for Windows XP

Windows XP AMYUNI Technologies - Printers - Amyuni Document Converter 300

Windows XP ATI Technologies Inc. - Display - ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series

Windows XP Advanced Micro Devices - Other Hardware - AMD Processor  Thursday,

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It simply a missing a decoder such as power dvd or win dvd workaround
get the ffdshow codec you can install the codecs via 2 media players
and also install ffdshow for  the direct draw and then WMP should play all the video formats like avi divx WMV mpeg and DVD
If your AV takes a fit with some files I use video help and thie host site and assure they are safe
alk444Author Commented:
i had already tried an earlier version Media_Player_Classic, but i tried the one from videohelp too no help.

i tried VLC_media_player and it was able to display the video, but no sound. it said: No suitable decoder module:
VLC does not support the audio or video format "wmap". Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.

i installed ffdshow, but i'm not sure what to do with it.

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ok thank you,  
WMap format?,
I dont know of this format,
Could you analyse it in Gspot and see what results it provides
Establishes what video and audio codecs are required to play any video. Shows framerate, duration, aspect ratio, bitrates, structure info, and more. Supports AVI, MPG, VOB, DVD, VCD, SVCD, MP4, FLV, MOV, QT, RM, SWF, WMV, ASF.

See if these guys can assist you same problem with VLC and this codec WMap
Looking at the web site
these are HD and require plugins to support this
I have downloaded one of these and it plays in my media player classic I did receive a message to inlcude some extra decoders
do you have quicktime and divx codecs?
Have you read the extra details at the bottom of that page
About DRM
Sample clips marked with an asterisk (*) are copy protected and may require you to update your digital rights management software if you do not have the latest version of WMP
Hope it helps
alk444Author Commented:
here are the Gspot  results for the HD file and another non HD file that acts the same way [no video, sound ok in Media_Player_Classic]

btw, when i start Gspot it says:  Ready (190 codecs loaded)

Gspot results:

File Type: ASF (.WMA/.WMV)
Mime Type: video/x-ms-asf
File Length Correct
Sys Bitrate: 6936 kb/s
Created:       2003 Dec 19   20:42:55

Aud:Windows Media Audio 9 Professional
Aud:384 kbps, 48 kHz, 5.1 channel 24 bit (A/V) 2-pass CBR
Vid:Windows Media Video 9

File Type: ASF (.WMA/.WMV)
Mime Type: video/x-ms-asf
File Length Correct
Sys Bitrate: 336 kb/s
Created:       2007 Sep 23   21:25:54

Aud:Windows Media Audio 9.2
Aud: 32 kbps, 32 kHz, stereo (A/V) 1-pass CBR
Vid:Windows Media Video 9
Great ,
No problems there, so it comes down to wmp and the video drivers.
I take it this problem mainly happens in WMP?
I resolved most of my videoplayback options by installing ffdshow
In regards to your concerns that this started after the updates the only one I would be suspect about is the drivers for your video card, the updates are not ATI certified but rather windows xp.
>>Windows XP <<>> ATI Technologies Inc. - Display - ATI Radeon X300/X550/X1050 Series<< I never ever install updates to my nvidia from Microsoft  use only use Nvidia (ATI)  drives from the sight.
To upgrade ATI and nvidia drivers is to remove the old first, windows updates may not have done this,
 So please try this
r/click the desktop properties settings advanced.>adapter>properties>driver>ROLL DRIVER BACK,
if you get the option to roll back confirms my point the previous drivers were not removed.
Reboot. Then see if these videos play ok.
I nolonger update my nvidia drivers if they work dont fix what is not broken.
If the drivers were removed and there is no roll back uninstall these by rebooting from the advanced options screen ( Tap F8) select start computer in VGA mode>> have yoru ATI setup disc with drvers ready.
Install manually by navigating to the drivers on the CD. Reboot

Regards Merete

alk444Author Commented:
i did the rollback and rebooted, but still have the same problem.

i did install ffdshow, but am unsure about setting it up, so i just took the defaults which left a lot formats unchecked. is that ok?
yep sure is ok.
 ffdshow will automatically run when you play a movie, try a video in the reliable media player classic and see if it works now
look on your task bar for the small icon of ffdshow.
Which version of WMP do you have? WMP 10 WMP 11?
How much ram do you have onboard? At least 2 gig
You mention some mpeg dont play as well.
do you have any decoders such as  power dvd or win dvd they are decoders that give you the direct draw ( ffdshow)  so WMP will support dvd mpeg etc.

May I ask which  HD you selected for Robotica?
 720p (16 MB)<< recomended
 1080p (20 MB)

Which zipper program do you have?
I have Win RAR
After you downloaded it create a new folder drop this zipped video in there and extract into that folder.
It plays perfectly in my WMP 10, maybe you need to reduce the hardware acceleration.
In WMP go to tools /options/Performance / Video Accekleration, reduce it, as you reduce it a message will appear what this setting will do.
Try playing it again.
Maybe your video card is not up to the task
Let me know if that resolves it.
alk444Author Commented:
when i play a video in media player classic [ver rev 89] i do NOT see a ffdshow icon in the task bar, and ffdshow does not show in Process Explorer.

i have WMP 11.

ram = 2Gig

i do have powerdvd

Robotica is 720p

i have 7zip

i'm not sure what zipped video you mean. is it Robotica_720.exe

i have fond that i can play Robotica_720.wmv in WMP 11, but not in media player classic. i prefer classic because of it's friendlier UI.
right sorry Imust have mixed that up, it  can play it in wmp but not mpc?
go to View | Options | Tweaks and selecting "Use the WM ASF Reader for Windows Media files" in MPC

When I donwloaded the robotica it was zipped no .exe
 I just extracted it and there was the wmv.
I prefer MPC as well there is a newer version MPC cinema, try it
VLC is also great

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alk444Author Commented:
ok, installing the new version of MPC seems to have fixed it. i don't understand why because the old version worked for years.

thanks for the help.
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