How to add Font Color button to Microsoft Word 2007 right-click menu?

Previously, I asked how to add the Font Color drop down menu button to the Word 2003 context menu using a macro and I was provided with the following code:

Sub Addfontcolor()
    Dim cb As CommandBar
    Dim c As CommandBarControl
    Set cb = Application.CommandBars("Text")
    Set c = cb.FindControl(msoControlSplitButtonPopup, 401)
    If c Is Nothing Then CommandBars("Formatting").Controls("Font Color").Copy cb, 10
    Set c = Nothing
    Set cb = Nothing
End Sub

Now I would like to do the same for Word 2007, but the above code doesn't work.  I know this button is included in the mini toolbar, but I would like to do away with the mini toolbar and just use the traditional context menu.  Is there a way to add the font color button to the traditional context menu in Word 2007?

Thank you.
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hsrstudAuthor Commented:
It doesn't seem this is possible.  In any event, I can't remove the mini toolbar, so it doesn't matter.
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