Basic HA Network design help

I need some help with regards to the best way to design my network. I've supported a similar setup before, but wasn't involved with the initial design of it.

Equipment list;

2 x 550e Watchguards,
2 x HP Procurve 24 port switches,
3 servers (initially),
30 external IP addresses.

My aim is to create an HA network that would allow for either one of the switches or firewalls to fail without causing downtime. I have setup teaming on the servers, so that both NICs share the same IP and one NIC from each server will be to connected to each of the switches. I intend to put these 3 servers on different VLANs for security and future expansion reasons. .

I shall setup 3 VLANs,  101, 102 and 103 on the HP Procurves, with one server in each (www, sql and email). I understand that I need to setup a heartbeat between the two firewalls and that I need to have a connection from both firewalls, trusted interface to switch, and the optional interface to the other switch.

Do I need to use VRRP? This is something I remember seeing from the old setup, but I'm rather wet behind the ears with all this, sorry.

A diagram with some example IP's and wiring etc would be greatly appreciated.
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kyleb84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You'll need 3500/5400 series 24 port switches with the Premium License to use VRRP.

dpk_walConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would be better off connecting a cross-over cable between the units for heartbeat; hub is recommended if you do not wish to cross-over cable as most switches block heartbeats which are more like ARP frames.

Please note you need to have license with newer WG software to configure HA.

Please let know if you need any specific details for configuring HA.

Thank you.
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