Have Solaris 10 recognize new EMC luns.

I have a Sunfire v445 running Solaris 10 that is connected to an EMC Clarion CX3-10 array.
i added a Lun to the EMC but Solaris does not see it.
What steps do i take to ensure the lun is recognized by Solaris.
All my previous Luns are visible to Solaris. And actually the lun is visible through the format command i believe and when i select the lun (c6t0d12) in format , the format utility tells me the disk is not labeled do you wish to label it?
Do I select yes here for the Lun to be recognized?

Second question..I need to expand an existing Lun. After I create the expansion Lun and expand the base Lun with the expansion Lun, how do I ensure Solaris will see the extra space without losing data.

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jimmyjumpAuthor Commented:
No responses, closing, I found a way to have the Luns above 1 TB recognized by Solaris.
I assume that your solaris is connected to your EMC by Fiber Channel cables.
If so check what is your fiber channel card (can be done by prtdiag -v ) then check if you can see new luns by your FC card (HBA) software. Make sure you do devfsadm and if it doesn't help do reboot -- -r. Then you will probably see it.

Regarding your disk space extension - not every file system support online file system extention. If you use vxfs or zfs I that is possible but if you use UFS i guess you will have to do backup ,create new extended file system  and then restore.

Good Luck
jimmyjumpAuthor Commented:
Thanks to Andel7 for the input and posting.  I found ufs file system can be extended with the growfs command according to the SUN documentation. But since my ufs filesystem was not created with the newfs -T option I am not not sure expanding this Lun past 1 TB is possible so..
My need now is after creating the Lun on the EMC I need for Solaris 10 to see the Lun as a emcpower pseudo device withoout rebooting.  I am able to create a Lun and the OS sees it with both paths or c6t0d12 and c5t0d12 but the emcpower pseudo device does not show up. How can i make this available to Solaris without rebooting?
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I'm not sure 100% regarding that but as far as I know powerpath from EMC is the software that responsible for that these kind of pseudo devices.

Hi Jimmy,

from your question, I assume powerpath has already been installed in your system.
use these commands to have the psedo path configured

#powermt display dev=all                       ( will display path for existing luns)
#powermt -q
#powermt config

now check with
#powermt display dev=all                 ( check for new entry )

let me know if that helps
jimmyjumpAuthor Commented:
Hello Joules thank you for the answer.
Yes I have Powerpath installed.
I ran powermt display dev=all and for the Lun I am trying to have recognized I get a dead path.
Early yesterday I created a test lun with a lun ID of 2 and a size of 20 GB. I was unable to see the pseudo device so I deleted  Lun 2 from Navisphere.
I then created Lun 2 again with a size of 800 GB but I am getting a dead path in the powermt list dev=all output for Lun 2. I think it is seeing the Lun I deleted still or has device links to it. In solaris format output I get a drive not available and an attempt to autoconfigure the drive fails. I think I may have some links that need cleaning.
Should I delete the 800 GB Lun? (Lun 2) again? How can I make lun 2 available to the system again?

Thank you
jimmyjumpAuthor Commented:
thx joules17
jimmyjumpAuthor Commented:
Hi James,

Sorry I was away for a while, glad that your problem got resolved
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