Opening Ports on Linksys Router WRT300N

My SBS 2008 gives me an error that the following ports are not open: 80 HTTP, 443 HTTPS, 987 SharePoint, 25 SMPT and 1723 VPN.  In the router, I have to fill in the following fields to open the ports: Application Name, External Port, Internal Port, Protocol & IP of the server.

The router automatically takes care of the entries for 80 and 25.
I don't understand if these listed ports are the Internal or External ports and I don't know how to find the opposite port for each.  With regard to Protocol, I suppose it can be set to both for all.  The router help file just says "Check with the Internet application documentation for more information".

Can you please help to complete the table?
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MrJemsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Internal and External are the same.
The only time this would need to be different is if you were running multiple webservers or something and you wanted different ports to go to different places.

In the setup you have set the table up as follows:

Internal    External    Protocol     IP                       Enabled
80             80            TCP          <SERVER IP>    <YES>
443           443          TCP          <SERVER IP>    <YES>
987           987          Both          <SERVER IP>    <YES>
25             25            TCP          <SERVER IP>    <YES>
1723         1723        TCP          <SERVER IP>    <YES>
traveler34Author Commented:
Complete, clear and very fast response.  I'm impressed.  Thank you.
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